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Sang addresses priority projects

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has questioned unutilized finished projects previously proposed by his various departments.

Sang, who addressed his Chief Executive Committee Members, Directors, and Chief Officers while signing performance contracts, expressed disappointment with departments who proposed certain projects that were fully funded and completed but remain unused.

The governor directed departments to investigate whether the projects will benefit the locals before being approved for funding.

Sang questioned the intention of the officers who approved the projects which did not benefit taxpayers.

“Does it mean that the project was not relevant? If it was not relevant, why did we put resources there?” the Governor questioned.

Sang singled out market stalls and bodaboda shades in some parts of the county, which are fully completed but unutilized.

He said the departments, especially those affected, should diligently identify the users of the proposed projects before committing the funds.

Sang called on the departmental heads to pursue completed operational projects during the current financial year so that the county residents get value for their money.

“We’ll not entertain a situation where we put resources on projects that eventually are completed and not utilised,” he warned.

Unlike previous years, Sang admitted that the National Government had released the funds on time to the counties, and there was therefore no excuse for not delivering them to the residents.

He noted that the shifting of development from central control to ward-based means that previous, ongoing, and current projects should be completed within the current financial year to pave the way for the new system.

“We are all aware that starting next financial year, we have shifted our development programming from the centralised that we’ve had before to ward development-based programming,” he said.

He asked the departments, especially Agriculture, Health, and Sports, to ensure the flagship projects are completed because the resources are available.

Sang, however, directed departments not to entertain contractors who do not complete projects within the agreed-upon time.

The governor said departments concerned should evaluate contractors’ work progress and make necessary changes without involving him.

He tasked the departments to terminate immediately contractors who consistently failed to comply with the agreements during the work on set.

The governor assured his staff heads that he was ready to offer needed help so that stellar performance is attained in all departments.

The signing of performing contracting forms took place at the Kipchoge Keino Sports Complex Building in Kapsabet town.

By Geoffrey Satia

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