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School health club steps out to clean Likuyani Market

St. Elizabeth Likuyani Girls Secondary School Health Club leadership engaged students in a massive clean-up exercise of the Likuyani market in Likuyani Sub County.
The health club members, led by their patron, Benard Muhatia, swept the market, collected garbage, and sensitised members of the public and local traders to the need to always keep the market and the environment clean.

Muhatia said the students stepped out to clean up the market after realising there was too much littering of garbage and plastic bags, making it unfriendly to shoppers and traders.

He said, “After noticing the presence of waste dumped all over the market, the health club felt it was time to act,” said Muhatia.

He added, “We have cleaned the entire market compound. The school is doing this purposely as a way of engaging the community and helping those living in a dirty environment.”

Muhatia appealed to the local community, especially the traders operating in the market, and the local leadership to embrace environmental cleanliness and come up with proper ways of dumping garbage and de-silting the drainage system.

He called on other schools to come up with such environmental initiatives in order to ensure the environment is kept clean.

Miriam Atumba, a member of the health club, said it was a good gesture for them to come out and support the community by cleaning the market.

“We decided to come out and clean the market so that the community can live in a better environment with minimal risks of diseases associated with a dirty environment,” she said.

Another member, Velma Inziani, appealed to the market’s traders and the surrounding community to always ensure they maintain a clean environment.
She said, “Let them dump garbage at designated places rather than littering the entire market compound.” Excited traders operating within the market, led by Douglas Simiyu, lauded the students for their positive initiative.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait

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