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Schools urged to repossess grabbed land in Narok

School  administrators in Narok County have been urged to ensure they obtain title deeds of their lands to avoid land grabbing.

Speaking in his office on Monday, the Chairman of Parents` Association (PA) in Narok County, Joseph Ole-Pareiyo said that land grabbing was rampant and therefore school managements should ensure that they mark their land, get titles and notify the county education board about their lands.

This comes after Oloroito Primary School in Nkarreta Ward in Narok North Sub County, which is built on community land was target to land grabbing after surveyors alleged to have been sent by their ward representative James Kiok visited the school to sub-divide the land so that it can be allocated to individuals.

According to Pareiyo, the school land was demarcated by the community and is not a trust land though it was mistakenly claimed to belong to the county government.

“At the moment the school board has repossessed the land and obtained title deed with the help of the national government and various stake holders,” he added.

Pareiyo has also called upon the land registry to safeguard records of schools land in their possession so that they don’t fall into the hands of people who might use them for their benefit.

“We live in hard times where if we fail to protect the schools’ land, our children will suffer because they will not have a place for learning,” Pareiyo said

His sentiments were echoed by chairman of Board of Management, Oloroito Primary School who reiterated that politicians should not seek political mileage by dividing land meant for schools to the public.

Schools  affected by land grabbing have been urged to visit the county education offices so that proper strategies are put forward without conflict and by following the law put by the government to ensure they repossess their land.

By  Mabel Keya-Shikuku/Kevin Bogita

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