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Secondary school management in place

School  Boards of Management  have been  urged  to seriously focus on propelling institutions to the highest levels of  academic and infrastructural development.

The  remarks  were made by Imenti South Sub-County Director of Education, Mercy  Kagwiria during the inauguration ceremony  on Friday  for newly appointed Boards of Management (BOM).

Kagwiria  said each member had a duty to brainstorm on what they ought to bring into the school system much more than  what  they expect to gain at the end of the three years term in office.

She noted that being appointed a BOM member was a call to missionary work where one was expected to bring in to the school  a lot of good will and self-sacrifice in terms of time and resources to spearhead good results in all activities undertaken by the institution.

The  Educationist challenged the members to give their all to enhance enrollment and put in place measures on how to  retain  the learners to completion to accomplish the goal of doing everything for the good of the learner.

Kagwiria  who  was accompanied by Quality Assurance and Standards Officer, Kiboi  Wanjohi stressed the need to ensure  learners complete the course and achieve quality results.

This, she  said, will enable them gain entry into higher learning institutions which will in turn improve education
standards for the region to benefit from the national development cake.

She  noted that all education development stakeholders in the sub-county had a duty to embrace and strengthen team work  spirit towards restoring the lost academic glory in Meru County at large.

The  Director  challenged all players to take their positions and roles with the required seriousness in order to explore and  exploit all the potential lying idle in the education sector.

“Any  other form of development within the sub-county and beyond solely depends on the quality of education offered in  schools right from the lowest level,” Kagwiria said.

Kagwiria  impressed on members on the need to take up the responsibility delegated by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)  of supervising the full implementation of the curriculum in their respective schools with the commitment it deserves to  the benefit of learners.

She reiterated the need to safeguard the welfare of the larger school community for cohesion to create friendly
environment for all.

The  Director regretted that cases of teacher absenteeism have been on the rise in the sub-county in the recent past due to alcoholism which more often than not tends to lead teachers into immoral and unprofessional behaviours such as insubordination.

By  Makaa  Margaret

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