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Man ordered to pay for child’s medical care

An  Embu Court  has ordered a miraa farmer to be paying Sh. 9500 every month for his baby’s health care.

The  Chief  Magistrate (CM), Maxwell Gicheru also gave Geoffrey Mwangi a few hours to agree with his former wife on  how  much  he will be contributing towards the child’s upkeep. The court was to make a decision if they didn’t agree.

The  Court  observed that Mwangi had a parental responsibility that he has not been fulfilling, yet he had the means.

The  miraa farm owner chased away his wife and now two-year old child after a disagreement sometimes back.

The  estranged wife, Catherine Wanja Nyaga, told the court that the child has a chest illness that is expensive to treat and  she had been advised to feed the child on goat milk only, which is more expensive than cow’s.

Mwangi had earlier told the court that he had no plan of supporting the child since the mother had remarried after they  left him.

Nyaga however, denied that she had remarried, saying they have been living at her parents’ home.

By  Brenda Murithi

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