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More Kenyans register for NIIMs

The  number of Kenyans who have registered for Huduma Namba has risen from 35 million to 38 million with the number  expected to hit 40 million plus by closure of business on Saturday.

The  ICT  Cabinet  Secretary (CS),  Joe  Mucheru has attributed the rise to the Presidential directive that extended the  exercise by one week,  saying the gesture had borne much fruit.

And  with  the  exercise  set  to end , the government has ruled out extending the registration and advised Kenyans to take advantage of the remaining hours.

Last  week, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the exercise by another week to allow more Kenyans to register.

Mucheru  said  his  ministry deployed more than 400 ICT experts to help the registration clerks in managing the digital equipment, adding that Kenyans had no excuse not to register.

He  defended  the registration exercise saying that once the National Integrated Information Management System (NIIMS)  was  operational, it would ease the cost and time of doing business for Kenyans.

“The  digitalized information  system  will  reduce the burden of carrying many documents required to perform different  business  with  or  access s ervices from the government,” he said.

The  CS  was  speaking  when the Ministry senior officials met with the Parliamentary select committee on ICT at Great  Rift  Valley Lodge in Naivasha to discuss on the Ministry Supplementary and Main Budgets requests.

Mucheru  said the meeting with the parliamentary committee was meant to update them on the ministry’s performance on the  ongoing and upcoming ICT projects in the country and find the best way to fund the projects for the benefit of all  Kenyans.

The  Chairman of the Committee, William  Kisang  noted that the country was losing over Sh.50 billion every year through  cybercrime and challenged the ICT ministry to address this by ensuring that the operations of all other ministries and  government agencies were digitalized.

He  cited Kenya Revenue Authority which he said was losing a lot in terms of uncollected revenue and said there was need to  fund the ICT ministry to help them digitize their services.

By  Esther  Mwangi/Hannah  Wangui

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