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Security beefed up during festive season

Security personnel in Narok have put in place an “operational order” that will see security beefed up in the County during this festive season, Narok County Police Commander John Kizito Mutoro has said.
Speaking to the press today, Kizito said the operation order would focus on insecurity prone areas of the county which included social places and other places frequented by wananchi in order to ensure they are safe as they go about their business this festive season.
Some of the areas highlighted by the Police Commander included Maasai Mara Game reserve where thousands of local and foreign tourists were expected to flock during the festive season, clubs, some street corners deemed unsafe by residents and traffic on the roads, among other areas.
Kizito said the order started early this month and would end in early January, 2021 adding that it will see police patrols increased in the said hot spots.
“Our police officers will be on patrol 24 hours in order to ensure that the county is safe from criminals and terrorists,” he said.
The County Police Commander also said that the order would be supervised by a number of police superiors such as Corporal Officer, Police Inspector, Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS), and Sub-County Police Commanders (OCPDs)
“This operation order has changed normal operation and supervision of our personnel for this period in order to enhance security at this time,” he added.
The County Commander urged the resident to be more vigilant during the festive season when criminals are known to prey on unsuspecting members of the public.
Kizito also urged the residents to observe the Covid-19 Ministry of Health guidelines such as hand washing or sanitizing, wearing masks and social distancing.
He said security personnel would not hesitate to arrest all those found flouting the Coronavirus pandemic regulations including the 10PM to 4Am curfew that is in force.
“We are not taking chances and want to assure the residents and our visitors to the Maasai Mara and elsewhere are safe and they can enjoy their stay here,” Kizito said.
He advised members of the public that if they must drink alcoholic drinks this season, they should consider taking a taxi home or be driven by a sober person for their own safety and that of other road users.
Narok County is known worldwide due to its famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve with its spectacular wildebeest migration from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara and has been touted as the eighth wonder of the world attracting thousands of tourists into the country each year between July and October but this year, the number of tourists reduced drastically due to Covid-19 pandemic.
By Mabel Keya-Shikuku

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