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Security beefed up in Kwale to combat kidnapping threats

Security has been beefed up in Kwale County following widespread fears caused by reports of child abductions.

Addressing the press at his office, Kwale County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said that there has been increasing fear among the residents following several reports of child abduction in the county.

However, Kanyiri noted that reports from the local security department show that the county has not recorded any case of child kidnapping. “We have put in place some security measures that can help us deal with any kidnappers who will find their way to this county,” Kanyiri said.

The CC added that the security team had set up a surveillance centre at the border of Kenya and Tanzania in Lunga Lunga Sub County to facilitate screening of people who get in and out of the country.

“We are monitoring the movement of everybody who is crossing the border, criminals who have been taking advantage of the Tanzania route will face the law,” Kanyiri said.

Moreover, the administrator noted that a person was seriously injured this week after being attacked by a mob in Shimoni village, in Msambweni Sub-County after being suspected to be on a mission to kidnap children in the area.

Kanyiri said that officers from the Department of Criminal Investigation picked up the matter and revealed that the person in question had visited the area to inspect some family property.

He warned the residents against taking the law into their own hands and urged them to report suspects to the police for investigation. ”The law is very clear, if you cause injuries or kill someone, you will be prosecuted in a court of law,” Kanyiri added.

Kanyiri also advised parents to up their game and ensure that their children are safe and cautioned them against trusting strangers with their children.

At the same time the CC vowed to dismantle a group of youth calling themselves WEUSI that had been terrorizing motorcyclists along the Likoni-Ukunda highway at Ng’ombeni, Kombani, and Tiwi.

“We have received reports of Boda boda riders being attacked and we are keen in ensuring that such criminals are dealt with,” he added.

The county commissioner said that the Boda boda sector has improved the economy of that county and the government is committed to ensuring that the partakers of that sector are protected.

By Raymond Zaka and Hussein Abdullahi

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