Selection exercise for Controller of Budget starts Monday

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Public Service Commission Chairman (PSC) Stephen Kirogo has given a committee tasked with identifying the replacement of Ms. Agnes Odhiambo as the Controller of Budget seven days in which to conclude the shortlisting and interviewing process.
He appealed to the panelists tasked with the responsibility for appointing the new Controller of Budget to exercise diligence and transparency during the selection exercise which commences Monday.
The seat that fell vacant following the completion of tenure of service of the former Controller of Budget has attracted at least 87 applicants.
Kirogo said the selection and recruitment team has one of the most enormous task to give Kenyans a competent officer who would ensure that funds were used prudently.
“You know the expectations from the task of the holder of the office. This is an indication that you must select a person who will ensure the appropriation of funds allocated by the National Assembly is properly utilized,” said Kirogo.
The Chairman was speaking Monday at the Public Service Boardroom during the inaugural meeting of the Committee Responsible for Appointment of the Controller of Budget which comprised of Antony Gatumbi from the Office of the President, Prof. Dulacha Barako from National Treasury, Ms. Pauline Macharo from the Attorney General’s Office and Ms. Mary Kimonye from the Ministry of Public Service.
Congratulating the selection committee for the appointment, Kirogo gave the committee a timeline of seven days to do the shortlisting and interviewing exercise, saying that Kenyans were keen to have the best candidate.
“Public Service Commission expects you to submit the name of the person selected for the position after seven days, a person who fits the job and can perform the role the Controller of Budget,” he added.
He said the exercise would be open to scrutiny by members of the public in a bid to ensure that Kenyans got the best person.
Panelist Mary Kimonye speaking on behalf of the other committee members assured PSC that the panelists would be guided by the Controller of Budget and Recruitment Act in the selection as it understands the critical role of the holder of that office and the expectations of Kenyans.
“We are ready to work in complete adherence of the law as expected in the Act, by giving the position to the qualified person as stipulated in law,” she said and added that the team would speak in one voice, mind and exercise diligence.
The Office of the Controller of Budget is an independent office established under Article 228 of the Constitution 2010 whose responsibility includes monitoring, controlling, and reporting on budget implementation and auditing.
The office also monitors, evaluates and reports to Parliament on budget implementation by both the national and county governments and advices on remedies to be taken as the budget is being implemented, as well as promotes fiscal discipline and equitable allocation of available resources.
By Bernadette Khaduli

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