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Services of the Attorney General’s office to be devolved to the counties

The Government is planning to open offices whose occupants will be the representatives of the Attorney General in all the 47 Counties, it has been confirmed.
The move is meant to speed up service delivery besides bringing such services closer to the people in line with the devolved units of governments in the 47 counties.
According to the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) at the State Law Office, Winnie Guchu, only 12 counties have such officers presently.
“Once we have these offices operationalised at all the counties, the offices in conjunction with the County Anti-Corruption Civilian Oversight Committees (CASSOCs), will be able to have matters corruption addressed within the shortest time possible.
She said since the committee members were from the respective sub-counties in the area and well versed with the various forms of corruption, it will greatly assist the relevant government agents in cubing the social vice.
Guchu who was speaking at the Kirinyaga County Commissioner’s office Monday afternoon also acknowledged that the committee which was formed in 2006 has not been felt on the ground due to the numerous challenges it faces.

Officials of the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee at County commissioner’s office in Kerugoya

She cited the non-review of the committee’s allowances for the last 13 years and non-remittance on time as some of such challenges which required urgent attention in order to make the members carry out their work with ease and determination.
“As an office which has full commitment to fighting graft in the country we will ensure such allowances for the county committees were paid by the 15 of every month while the rates are set to be revised upward,” she said.
The official said her team was set to visit 25 other counties before this Christmas with a view to jump starting the operations of the county committees.
Area County Commissioner Jim Njoka while meeting the official in his Kerugoya town office promised to allocate the AG’s representative an office, to operate from.
The Committee members are tasked with identifying the various forms of corruption within their areas and reporting such vices to the National Anti-corruption Campaign Steering Committee for onward action.
“You are required to identify the form of corruption, the perpetrator, where, and how then submit your report to us for action,” Guchu told the county committees.
She said already the county was awash with land related corruption matters and urged the committee to look into them critically since the vice was leaving families torn apart or disinherited.

By Irungu Mwangi

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