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Sh19million water project to address sanitation challenge

Bomet Water, Sewerage, and Sanitation Company (BOMWASCO) has launched a 9.4km pipeline extension project to the tune of Sh19 million that is expected to benefit 5,408 residents in the project areas of Kapkwen, Itembe, Meja, and Kabisoge of Chepalungu sub-county in  Bomet County.

Reports indicate Chepalungu has been lacking clean water and the objective of the project is to provide a hygienic and reliable water supply to residents, to lower the prevalence of waterborne diseases through the provision of safe water as well as improve sanitation through the provision of the same.

Launching the project, Bomet Deputy Governor, Shadrack Rotich, confirmed that sanitation is a key component for any growing town, and promised that his administration is working with other stakeholders and Non-governmental organisations to address the issue.

“Sanitation is a key component for our county, in line with the agenda of our government, and therefore, we are today gracing the ground-breaking of a 9.4km pipeline extension for water in Chepalungu. The project will address numerous issues touching on cleanliness, especially on clean water,” explained Rotich.

According to the deputy governor, the county was of the view that urban areas be provided with clean water as this would help people venture into business to uplift their living standards.

BOMWASCO has prioritised water service provision in these areas as support towards the growth and development of Kapkwen town and its environs.

The project is aimed at serving the low-income population by providing an affordable option through a water kiosk that will boost investment by providing a steady supply of water. It also aims at lowering the prevalence of waterborne diseases through the provision of clean and safer water which will adequately deal with sanitation issues that residents have been going through for a long time now.

Bomet County government in partnership with WaterFund has also initiated other water projects in the county.

By Lamech Willy

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