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Shimo La Tewa School receives Form One

Shimo La Tewa Secondary School commenced the admission of about 400 form one students.

According to the school’s Chief Principal Mathew Binda Mutiso, the 400 students who came from across the country are expected to join the national school at the close of the exercise this Friday.

Students at Shimo la Tewa Secondary School going for lunch. Photo by Chari Suche

Some students joining the school will be fully sponsored by both the national government and some county governments to ensure that bright needy students pursued their dreams.

Mwagomba Chifo from Kwale County is one such parent, whose child will get the county government bursary sponsorship.

While admitting his son at the school, Chifo was enthusiastic that after the four years of study, he expected his son to excel and join the University for higher education since the school was among the best in the Coastal region.

“Shimo la Tewa High School has produced legends that have excelled in academics; most of the big prominent people from this region are alumni of this school. I have no doubt that my child will follow the good examples and come out among the best,” he said.

The school Chief Principal, Mr Mutiso praised the school saying being among the top performing schools in Mombasa the government gave them 400 students for admission.

“We have received a big number of form one admissions from the government. This is because it has faith in results that we produce the best,” he said.

Form one newcomers registering for admission at Shimo la Tewa Secondary School. Photo by Chari Suche

The school head assured parents that they are aware of the deadly virus, thus will safeguard Covid-19 guidelines as outlined by the Ministry of Health.

He told KNA that all the students have face masks, hand sanitizers and water and soap are provided in various areas of the school compound to make sure they sanitize regularly.

“We have also asked students to eat outside and not inside the dining hall to avoid congestion,” he added.

Mutiso assured parents that their children are safe in school and as part of the school discipline they will be taught on how to adhere to Covid-19 protocols and how they can avoid contraction of the virus through health clubs. “As a school, we have a big responsibility to ensure all the children are healthy, thus the need to educate them on the virus and how they can be protected. Through this initiative, we have not left teachers behind,” he noted.

By Chari Suche

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