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Siaya County set to improve water distribution

Siaya Water and Sanitation Department has increased water availability to residents by 7 percent in the financial year 2022/2023 ensuring that all households, schools and hospitals are able to get water within one kilometer of their location.

Speaking at Oyele, East Yimbo Ward, Bondo Sub County, Chief Officer of Water and Sanitation in Siaya Mr. Walter Okello noted that they are planning to increase the number of people who can access clean water within Siaya from the current 58 percent to 65 percent.

This shall be achieved among other projects together with building and equipping of solarized boreholes.

“So far, we have built 27 boreholes all over the County, in the current financial year, we intend to do 8km of pipeline extension,” said Okello.

The County government is further looking into rehabilitating four water supply pools particularly in Ahono-Sinaga in East Gem, Abura Dam, West Uyoma Water Project and Got Matar.

Siaya County is also promoting public-private partnerships and linkages with key partners intended to ensure that the residents access clean water to solve the water and sanitation crisis facing some places within the County.

The notable partners who have come on board for the various projects include, Maji Milele, Rafiki Wa Maendeleo Organization, Water Resource Authority, World Vision, and Evident in Action.

Okello said the County Government is working closely with other National Government agencies including Lake Victoria Water Works Agency, The Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency, Water Services Regulatory Board as well as Water Resources Authority in a bid to fast-track the water resources development.

Other projects implemented in partnership with the National Government include the Ugunja-Sega and Ukwala Projects which are immense projects that cover much of Ugunja and Ugenya Sub Counties under the last mile connectivity project.

“This is the 210th day for our governor in office, and fortunately, we are enthralled that he is working under the basic bases that have direct impact to our people. Siaya will soon become one of the counties where water and sanitation crisis shall be a fairy tale,” said Okello.

Water availability will help in carrying irrigation, to give yield to more food that will feed the huge population of Siaya.

The Director of Water and Sanitation in Siaya, Mr. Henry Juma has pleaded with the public to keep the water catchment areas safe by discouraging illegal logging, and deforestation and instead plant more trees to maintain the hydrological cycle.

This came after the harsh climatic change witnessed in Siaya and across the nation between January this year to middle of March, almost making some of the permanent water bodies in Siaya such as River Yala, Nzoia and Lake Kanyaboli almost run dry due to excess reduction in their water levels.

He said that Siaya Governor James Orengo is looking forward to ensuring that every household, hospital and school get soft water within one kilometer or less.

By Calvin Otieno and Mourice Onyango

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