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Siaya Governor Sends County Finance Boss Packing

Siaya governor, Cornel Rasanga has sent the county executive committee member for finance on a one month compulsory leave.
Charles Mungla was ordered out of the office as the governor carried out a minor reshuffle amongst the county top brass. No reasons were however given for sending the county finance executive home.
Confirming the changes, the county secretary, Joseph Ogutu said that the finance chief officer, Hezbon Mariwa was re-deployed to the Trade and industrialisation department in the changes.
The county secretary said that Dennis Nyonje, the director of finance will take over the docket of the chief officer, finance in an acting capacity.
He said that the changes were normal and were geared towards improving efficiency and service delivery.
“This is normal and it is the prerogative of the governor to make such changes and has done so in the past to improve efficiency,” said Ogutu.
He dismissed as baseless, allegations that the changes were as a result of impropriety in the department.
By Philip Onyango

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