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Ndhiwa residents decry Tsetse flies infestation

Residents of Sidede Village in upper Kwandiku Sub Location within Ndhiwa constituency bordering Ruma National Park decry tsetse fly infestation causing diseases and deaths of their domestic animals.

The residents who major in livestock farming have expressed their concerns over the losses incurred as a result of widespread infestation of tsetse flies in the area, causing nuisance to animals.

Bites from the flies have brought deaths and incapacitation to their livestock, thereby bringing other farming activities to a standstill in the area.

According to the area residents, areas bordering the Ruma National Park that had been closed from the public by the government have become breeding grounds for the flies.

Speaking to KNA, upper Kwandiku clan elder John Otulo stated that the residents have been dealing with variants of tsetse flies migrating from Ruma National Park.

He further said that livestock farmers in the region are now living in fear of continued losses of livestock as a result of the infestation.

He added, “I urge the government to step in and salvage the situation.”

Another resident of Sidede, Vitalis Obudho said he has been forced to slaughter 12 of his livestock that had been bitten by the flies and foresees himself slaughtering more of them if immediate action will not be taken by the government.

He called upon the county government to take immediate action and find a lasting solution to the Tsetse fly menace in the region.

However, the CECM of Agriculture and Livestock, Aguko Juma said that they plan on sending a team to the area this week to assess the situation and provide possible means of controlling the tsetse fly’s invasion.

By Omar Zabbibah

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