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Sit down and dialogue, Moyale DCC tells warring communities

The Government has urged peace-committee members from the two warring communities in Moyale and Wajir Counties to sit down and jumpstart mutually binding negotiations to end recurring conflict amongst themselves.

Addressing a meeting convened between political leaders and peace committee elders from both communities at Bori Junction, Moyale Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Mumali assured the community leaders that the government will recover and restore to the owners all animals stolen in banditry and rustling incidences.

“Pastures, livestock, land  and watering points in general should not cause tribal animosity among you  to an extent where people end up losing their lives; if that is the reason for conflicts then we might as well take them all away for you to live harmoniously,” Mumali said.

Mumali announced that an IDP camp that has been hosting hundreds of people displaced during recent skirmishes will be closed following consultations with elders and eminent people from the two communities.

“We are aware that Kenya Red cross erected a camp in Basir and we are appealing to them to close down the camp and allow people to go back to their homes because we’ve agreed to coexist peacefully,” Mumali said.

Political leaders and local administrators from Marsabit County have asked government agencies to close down Basir Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Wajir following a consensus between the two warring communities.

Sololo Deputy County Commissioner Dennis Kieti who attended the meeting, warned local administrators colluding with rogue individuals fomenting trouble adding the government will flush out the culprits if stolen livestock are not returned after the amnesty given elapses.

Kieti said the government will interdict government officials who will not give intelligence reports over the thefts in their local areas of jurisdiction.

“Three suspects linked to the thefts have been arrested and are helping Police with investigations,” Kieti said adding that security agents are combing villages in search of stolen animals.

Moyale MP Qalicha Gufu who was also accompanied by Eldas MP Aden Keynan promised to return all the stolen animals with the help of elders from the region using the procedures that will not be punitive to the communities.

Qalicha however appealed to communities living in the area to focus on development and desist from inter-tribal wars.

By Gatana Muchira



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