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Speak with one voice for a share in the next government, Kahiga

Leaders in Mt Kenya region have been asked to speak with one voice, so as to secure a significant share in the next government.

Nyeri County Governor Mutahi Kahiga has expressed fear that disunity in the region will cost it an opportunity to negotiate for a sizeable share in the next country’s leadership.

Kahiga was speaking in Nyeri town during a meeting with 160 widows drawn across the county.

Kahiga also defended Wedneday meeting with selected leaders from the Mt Kenya region in Nairobi, noting that people have misunderstood their motives” Jana tulikutana na viongozi kadhaa Nairobi na tukaongea mambo mawili, matatu lakini watu hawajaelewa,” (Yesterday we held a meeting with selected leaders in Nairobi and deliberated on two or three issues but people have not understood us), he asserted.

He added, “we did not stand and endorse any presidential candidate, it’s good to state this.”

This is more so coming barely three days after the controversial coronation last Saturday of the National Assembly Speaker Justine Muturi as the Mt Kenya spokesman at the Kikuyu traditional shrine, Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga in Murang’a County.

Kahiga said time has come for the Kikuyu community to speak with one voice, adding that if the community desired to be included in the next government, it should speak with one voice.

“Tukiongea na sauti mia mbili, tutapotelea pale na hatutakuwa na ushirikiano na hatutaweza kwenda kwa meza ya kugawanya viti na kadhalika” (If we speak with many voices, we will get lost (Politically) on the way and will not be able to go to the negotiating political table), Kahiga declared.

Kahiga disclosed that session was the beginning of a series of meetings to be held across the Mt Kenya region to ensure people remained united and spoke with one voice, insisting that they want structured meetings.

He said it is unfair for some leaders to go and speak with one presidential aspirant, while the other is endorsing a different candidate.

The County boss further noted that as a united group, they will weigh each candidate and know who offers the best deal for the community to support.

Kahiga disclosed that a meeting slated in Nyeri County within the next two weeks will involve all leaders willing to attend.

Speaking in vernacular, Kahiga said if the 8 million votes in the Mt Kenya region are sufficient to propel a Kikuyu candidate to the presidency, there is no law that bars that to happen.

And quoting from the book of Prophet Ezekiel, the Governor warned that “if you see a sword that is directed at annihilating people and warn them against it, and they refuse to listen to you, you will not be responsible for their blood.”

By Mwangi Gaitha


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