Speaker Muturi promises to unite Mt. Kenya leaders

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National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has said those threatening to impeach him have no good understanding of the constitution.

Terming them as taking the matter lightly Muturi said there is a procedure in the constitution on how to unseat the incumbent speaker.

The speaker, who was speaking at St. Mary Secondary School ground in Ena, Embu East Sub County during ACK Embu Diocese education Sunday, was responding to reports that a some of MPs were seeking to impeach him after his coronation as Mt. Kenya spokesman.

Muturi said the only option the Parliament has is to pass a vote of no confidence and not impeachment, adding that there are rules that are supposed to be followed and they are open.

He said he would stay put since he had spent more years in politics than the majority of lawmakers.

However, Muturi said he is not afraid of the move but rather promised to continue serving Mt. Kenya region as its spokesperson.

The National Assembly speaker promised to transverse the whole region with an aim of uniting the people and the leaders so that they can speak in one voice and push the agenda of development.

During his coronation two weeks ago, Muturi promised to reach out to his fellow leaders in the region in order to collectively engage in a meaningful political and economic agenda for the interest of residents in the region.

However, his coronation caused varying reactions from a section of the leaders from the region as some dismissed it, saying President Uhuru Kenyatta is still their spokesman.

By Kimani Tirus

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