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The Ministry of Youth affairs, Arts and Sports in partnership with the Ministry of Education has unveiled a talent growing initiative to nurture and exploit the full potential of local youth to international standards.

The initiative christened “Talanta Hela Council and committees” intends to grow and explore local talents from the grassroots and propel them to commercialize levels to enable them earn a decent living out of their sporting abilities

The Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports, Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba who was accompanied by the Ministry of Education Principal Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang presided over the launch of the initiative.

The aim and direction of the initiative is to commercialize talents of youths and also take the sports and arts industry beyond entertainment so as any talent can be appreciated accordingly, CS Ababu said.

TalantaHela involves everyone, from the wards all the way to the national level and also the world cup, the CS said. He added that the initiative is to strengthen and complement what is already happening.

TalantaHela came up with an application whereby creatives, players and coaches can track their progress and also monetize their content without any third party interference.

The application is set to register all schools in the nation and a pupil in grade one can track their talent progress for up to 40 years and also has a feature that shows the failures for you to improve and the successes it complements.

“The sense of TalantaHela is not to think outside the box but to think without the box and for us to get our creatives to where they have not been, we must do something we have never done,” the CS mentioned.

The council being headed by Dennis Itumbi, the sports technical team being headed by Carol Radul and the creatives technical team led by Daniel Ndambuki (aka Churchill) were picked because they are believed to be the best and can aid the ministry in achieving its target and also because the creatives deserves the best.

Education Principal Secretary (PS) Belio Kipsang said, “sources of the talents are from schools and we want to ensure that a talent is identified, nurtured and the committee here to expose them to the world.”

The PS lauded the TalantaHela application saying it will ensure ethics and integrity and also manage to handle the issue of age cheating.

“Let us invest in the future as we try to create a good future for our children,” the PS stated.

Sports Principal Secretary Jonathan Mweke highlighted that the world is changing and nowadays you need no tie to be employed or be wealthy.

“In other countries, arts and sports is a major contributor of their GDP and in that case we have Talanta Hela, a brand which will be the new driver of economy to the country,” the PS stated.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports formed partnerships with the Ministry of Education, private sectors, Federations and among others so as to fuel the success of the initiative.

By Garvin Patrick



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