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Squatters cry foul over delayed resettlement

Over   200 squatters in Subuiga Location of Buuri Sub County want the government to fast-track their resettlement crying  foul over delayed land promise.

They  claim that since 2014 when they were promised to be resettled they are still waiting with no signs of hope and they  are now appealing to President Kenyatta to intervene.

They  said the parliamentary select committee visited them and promised to deal with their plight but to date nothing seems forthcoming.

The  Ntirimiti-Subuiga Squatters Trust  Chairperson,  Joseph  Mugambi  said the Parliamentary Committee on Land visited the  area and made recommendations that have not been effected.

Mugambi  said the 215 members were waiting to be settled in a 600 acres piece of land that is available within the area.

He  claims he has been to various offices seeking assistance to no avail.

Mugambi says they were evicted from a controversial land in 1998 and have been squatters since then.

By  Richard  Muhambe

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