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Stakeholders unite to implement Kilifi counter-violent extremism action plan

Kilifi-based stakeholders led by the office of the County Commissioner have united to implement the Kilifi County Action Plan launched in September of this year to prevent extremism, violence, and terrorism in the County.

The stakeholders including National Government departments, Kilifi County Government, Non-governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, and Civil Groups came together to strategize ways to put the document into action.

The Action Plan, which was developed in response to the rising concerns over extremism and violence is designed to address the radicalization of youth and to foster community resilience against extremist ideologies.

Speaking during the stakeholder forum in Kilifi town, Kilifi North Deputy County Commissioner Samuel Muinde said the Action Plan is a very good document that is ready for implementation. He added that the stakeholders are coming together to figure out the best way the document can be implemented using minimal resources.

“It is a very good document with 7 pillars, each pillar has 2 pillar leads; either one from the national or county government and the other from the CSOs. We want to see the best way we can implement it using minimal resources, because we cannot only work when funds are available”, the DCC said.

He further explained that there are many things that can be implemented in the action plan without resources, giving an example of using public barazas to conduct public sensitization on one aspect in the document.

The DCC added that the idea of mainstreaming the documents is to pick what you can do in your own way without requiring money. He further explained that when some of the activities in the pillars are mainstreamed, 70-80 percent  of the action plan will have been implemented without using much funds.

Mutisya assured of the current good state of security in Kilifi, but expressed the need to take proactive measures to prepare for any eventuality.

“So far so good. We are doing well as Kilifi at the moment. But that does not mean that you sit down and assume things will always be good. Sometimes we have to take proactive measures, not reactive. To put systems in place such that you try to prevent things from happening and also in the event that something happens, it will be easier for you to intervene”, DCC Mutisya explained.

He expressed the importance of bringing together all the stakeholders to figure out ways of implementing the document, saying that it will make sure Kilifi is safe and peaceful for everybody so that the county can move forward in terms of investment, businesses, and other aspects of development.

By Jackson Msanzu and Cynthia Maseno

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