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State to construct 10,000 affordable housing units

The national government will construct 10,000 housing units in Kericho County to benefit residents who will acquire the houses through a mortgage plan meant to make home ownership affordable and accessible to all as enshrined in the bill of rights.

President Dr William Ruto has directed Kericho County Governor Dr Eric Mutai to identify towns within the county that will set aside land where the houses will be established.

The President who was speaking during an interdenominational prayer and thanksgiving service at Kericho Green Stadium excited the hundreds of residents in attendance when he mentioned that the mega housing project will provide over 20,000 jobs for the youth in Kericho County.

He, therefore, appealed to the youth in Kericho County to enrol in technical institutes in constituencies within the county to acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to get jobs in the near future when the Kenya Kwanza projects begin.

“Our youth should be equipped with skills in mechanical, technology, and digital skills among other essential and relevant skills in this day and age in order for them to benefit from opportunities,” stressed President Dr. Ruto

The president further assured that there are investors who will assist in the construction of the housing project which he said would total 500,000 units distributed countrywide.

“We have worked on the whole program to ensure that our housing project will create jobs for our young people, will create settlements, in an organized manner, that has proper water, proper sewerage, access to education, access to health, and provide resources for off-take so that we can create more homeowners in Kenya.” said, President Ruto.

The Kenya Kwanza manifesto, the housing commitment is to turn the housing challenge into an economic opportunity since the sector will create quality jobs for the young people graduating from TVETs every year directly in the construction sector and indirectly through the production of building products.

Meanwhile, President Dr. Ruto, said there was an urgent need to open up Kericho for expansion while directing the Kericho Governor to look into the issue and look for at least 1000 acres of land for the expansion of the town.

At the same time, Dr. Ruto said that the hustler fund will be launched on 1st December 2022 and called on the youth (hustlers) to register in SACCOs, cooperatives, or as individuals in order to benefit from the revolving fund.

The President said the fund was a loan and would attract less than 10 percent interest per annum, unlike other loans which were attracting huge amounts that are way off the reach of the common hustlers.

“Make necessary arrangements and plan accordingly in order to qualify for the hustler’s fund which will not be a grant but a repayable loan with a little interest,” said Dr. Ruto amid thunderous applause.

By Kibe Mburu and Dominic Cheres


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