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Stop blackmailing Kenyans into voting for a particular presidential candidate – warns Dr. Matiang’i

The  Interior  and  Coordination of  National Government  Cabinet  Secretary (CS), Dr. Fred Matiang’i has directed  the  Rift  Valley  Regional  and Counties security committees to  institute investigations and arrest individuals linked to inciting communities  into acts  of lawlessness.

Dr. Matiang’i said security personnel had instructions to adopt tough and ruthless means of dealing with acts of violence and destruction of both state owned and private property perpetrated by politicians regardless of their status.

He  said after the investigations by the police, the suspects should be charged in court.

Speaking  on  Wednesday in Nakuru  when he launched the Central Rift Electronic Passport registration centre, the CS  who  was flanked by the Rift Valley Regional  Coordinator (RC), Mwongo  Chimwaga, County Commissioner (CC), Erastus Mbui Mwenda and top security personnel said the state was committed to ensuring that Kenyans will
not fight over politics.

At  the  same time, Dr. Matiang’i  has castigated a section of Members of Parliament  who have been holding a series of  rallies in Rift  Valley and parts of Central Kenya threatening certain communities with ethnic skirmishes and evictions if they did not vote for a certain presidential candidate he did not name.

Amidst a round of applause from members of the public who had gathered at the Rift  Valley Regional Headquarters, the CS  called on the MPS whom he termed as backward and narrow minded to desist from the utterances which he described as absolute nonsense, immature and reckless.

“Those  eyeing elective seats in 2022 must desist from intimidating and threatening locals into voting for them. We can’t take our country back to the era of dark politics when Kenyans shed blood for failing to vote for particular candidates. It is 56 years after independence and such threats can no longer be tolerated,” he  said.

The  CS  assured Kenyans that there will be no room for actions that can plunge Kenya into chaos before and after general  elections.

He  challenged  politicians  to  follow  legal channels whenever they had grievances involving both state owned and private property,  adding  that the  constitution guaranteed Kenyans  the right  to elect leaders of their choice without being coerced or threatened.

The  CS  asserted that citizens had a right to live and own property anywhere in the country without regard to candidature of individuals seeking Presidential, parliamentary and Member of County Assembly seats.

“Our  people  do not need to die as we throw our arms in the air. No one is above the law. It is shameful that some leaders  can make such utterances. Any  single Kenyan has a right to live anywhere they chose. Our responsibility is to  provide security to ensure that citizens live and conduct their business in a safe environment. No more such statements will be tolerated,” added the CS.

While  urging Kenyans to work together coexist and shun tribal politics, which might lead to bad blood among them, Dr. Matiang’i observed that Rift Valley was the most cosmopolitan region in the country representing a diversity of political affiliations.

He  said no politician had ‘exclusive’ rights to have votes cast in his favour anywhere in the Country.

Dr.  Matiang’i  said  investigations on leaders who have been making inflammatory statements alleging would be speeded  up.

By  Anne  Mwale

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