Stray Leopard injures two people in Bomet

Bomet Counties Tragedy

A stray Leopard has injured two people among them a police officer at Oreyet village in Sigor area of Chepalungu Sub-County.

The wild cat attacked 28-year-old Felix Kirui while herding goats leaving him with deep wounds in his face.

The herder was trying to scare away the leopard from attacking his goats when it pounced on him.

It took the intervention of neighbours who came to his rescue and rushed him to Longisa County Hospital.

The injured police officer from Sigor Police Station was among a team deployed to track down the leopard and was attacked after firing at the animal at a close range. The wild cat pounced at the officer before being hit and killed by another officer.

Oreyet Sub location Assistant Chief Samuel Koech said the two are in stable condition in hospital.

“The two are out of danger and we are happy the wild cat has been finally killed after leaving a trail of losses,” said Koech.

The administrator said locals have been living in fear over the last one week as the stray leopard roamed the village.

He said one farmer in the area is counting loses after it mauled more than 12 of his goats.

Koech said they suspect the wild cat strayed from nearby Maasai Mara game reserve.

“It has been one week of fear and counting loses but it has finally come to an end today and locals can now go about their activities freely,” said the assistant chief.

Chepalungu Sub County Police Commander Nelson Maasai said Kenya Wildlife Service officers were called in to dispose of the carcass.

“KWS officers who responded to the distress calls arrived and took the animal after it had been restrained,” said Maasai.

He said those who were injured and whose animals were consumed will be required to fill compensation forms immediately so that they can get assistance.

The police commandant however warned locals not to try and scare away wild animals whenever they stray to their farms but report to authorities for action.

Maasai said cases of animals straying from Maasai Mara were a common phenomenon in the area.

By Lamech Arisa

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