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Street children in Homa Bay

The  Homa Bay County Commissioner (CC), Samson  Irungu  has said broken families and polygamy are some of the  factors  which  have contributed to the raising numbers of street children in the region.

Irungu  said that  men  in  polygamous  marriages have  the  tendency of neglecting their first wives together with their  children and cling to the second one thus abandoning the children which leads to many of them going to the street.

He  said  this on Friday  while addressing members of the Homa Bay Bunge la Wananchi, where he said that parents  should avoid misunderstandings that could lead to divorce as these results in the rise of street children in the region.

The  administrator added that a report which was conducted last year by the department of children services revealed  that  statistics of street children in Homa Bay county stands at 28 per cent.

At  the same time, Irungu called  on  parents  to  take care  of  their  children by taking them to school to prevent child labour and help the government achieve the 100 percent target of free education nationwide.

He  said  that child labour in Homa Bay County has been noted on fish harvesting and small businesses such as selling  groundnuts.

On  security issue in learning institutions,Irungu called upon parents to  advice  their children to respect school property  and  the welfare of others.

By  Bwabi Okola/ Davis Langat

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