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Students with special needs equipped with paper work skills

Over 100 students with special needs from Joytown secondary school in Thika have benefited from paper work skills from a well-wisher in efforts to give them financial independence once they complete school.

The students were trained on making various paper products like envelopes, book covers, shopping bags, cake boxes amongst other products which they can sell to earn.

The training, conducted by Jamii products trainers, offered the students hands-on-skills and exposed them to areas of investment that they can exploit to generate income.

The school Deputy Principal Lilian Wambui welcomed the training saying it was not straining and suited the group. She added that the cheap nature of producing the materials and the returns therein made it a viable area to invest once they complete school.

She said most persons with disabilities find it hard to get employment opportunities and encouraged them to utilise such skills to earn.

She added that such training, coupled with the competency based education that is being taught in school will help many students who are gifted in many ways away from class work to earn in future.

“It is a boost to the learners as they can get into this venture as opposed to waiting for job opportunities which they rarely get due to their nature. We call on more well-wishers to come up with such training to help this special group become financially empowered,” said Wambui.

On his part, Jamii Products CEO Charles Kimani said persons with disabilities need empowerment for financial independence and the training will be of help.

He said they will also offer linkages to those who will pursue the production of the materials on a large scale in areas of marketing and new technological innovations in the field.

He at the same time called on the national and county governments to promote this group of persons by offering tenders in line with their area of specialised paper work skill.

He called upon the students to take advantage of the skills that they have learned to invest in those areas so as to economically transform their lives.

“The opportunities for people with disabilities are many and through support and empowerment, they can actualize their dreams. The governments should play a lead role in providing them with tenders and training programmes on areas that they can use to generate income,” said Kimani.

By Muoki Charles

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