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Suba North residents decry power outage

Residents of Magana North Location, Suba North Constituency are complaining of power blackout that has paralysed essential services in the area.

The residents complained that medical services at Ugina Health Centre and Solko Dispensary that require electricity such laboratory operations, vaccine storage, maternity among others are seriously hit and rendered useless to them due to lack of electricity in the Island for the last three weeks.

Mfangano North Location Chief, Bernard Ochieng Oloo, who spoke on behalf of the residents, said they are unable to receive sufficient medical services at the two facilities after five poles fell down three weeks ago.

Oloo claimed that the situation has forced expectant mothers who seek maternity services at night to carry with them their own source of light because the facilities do not have standby generators or solar to provide power.

The Administrator noted that vaccination of children has also been affected at the two health centers and mothers who take their young ones for immunisation are turned away due to lack of electricity for preserving the vaccines.

He pointed out that learning institutions at the Island have also not been spared by the shortage of power which has increased cases of insecurity in the area.

Apart from the health facilities and learning institutions, business activities which require power to run are at standstill and traders incurring losses because of the blackout which has engulfed the region.

The residents are calling on the Kenya Power Company to rectify the mess so that power can be restored at the Island.

However, Kenya Power Officer-In-Charge of Mfangano Island, Moses Abasa, said that the company is in the process of availing more poles for the line, assuring that by next week power will be restored in the area.

By Sitna Omar

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