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Sunkuli brothers yet for another showdown

Two brothers from the Sunkuli family will fight for Narok governorship during next year’s General Elections.

This will however not be the first attempt for the family to produce two brothers to vie for same position since in 2013, Andrew Sunkuli and Julius Sunkuli unsuccessfully ran for the senatorial seat.

That time, Julius Sunkuli, formally Kenyan ambassador to China resigned to vie for the seat on a TNA ticket where he garnered 51, 200 votes against his brother Andrew Sunkuli’s 77, 000 votes as an Independent candidate.

The two lost the chance to produce the first senator in Narok County after devolution as they were trounced Stephen Ntutu of URP who got 94, 000 votes.

The brothers who seek to replace second term Governor Samuel Tunai are likely to repeat the same drama. Charles is Devolution Principal Secretary while his elder brother Andrew is a prominent businessman in Nairobi.

The two who hail from Kilgoris constituency have on different occasions been endorsed by elders to vie for the seat leaving the electorates divided on whom between them would make a better governor.

Andrew was endorsed by elders from the Moitanik clan to vie for the gubernatorial position only a week after his brother Charles had been unveiled by another group of elders.

“I thank my Moitanik clan for choosing me as their preferred governor in 2022. I am grateful to the larger Sunkuli family for settling on me,” said Andrew during a ceremony organized to unveil him.

He said there had been discussions for about two months to deliberate on who was the most suitable to be blessed for the position before a decision was reached by clan elders and members of the larger Sunkuli family.

“I announce that I am in the race for governorship. Those who thought that I would not be there should know otherwise. For the next three months, I will tour the whole county informing residents of my plans,” he said.

He noted that his objective was to unite the communities living in Narok for the sake of cohesion and development of the region assuring all residents of their safety during his tenure. b“I am keen on developing Narok County because empty talks will not help this region to grow. I stand for justice for all and would ensure resources are distributed equally,” said Andrew.

He challenged his brother Charles to be vigilant in selling their manifesto to the residents saying politics is not about endorsement but how you present yourself to the people. “Votes are with the people. Let us square it out there,” he said as he challenged his brother Charles and other aspirants not to rely on being endorsed.

On the other hand James Ole Kaipoi, a retired chief said the community has endorsed Andrew for the seat and asked Charles to opt out of the race next year and try his luck in future elections.

“We have dressed Andrew with leadership regalia. No one else will come here to claim that he has the blessings of elders,” said Mr. Kaipoi claiming that elders from all age sets participated in the coronation event.

He said the clan had settled on Andrew on the basis of his strong showing in the 2013 senate race when he emerged second despite running as an independent.

Douglas Sunkuli, the chairman of the larger Sunkuli family and their spokesperson called on Charles not to go against the wishes of his relatives since he will be attracting a curse.

“I am asking the PS to concentrate on his roles as a civil servant. Let him not go against our family. Let him hold his horse for now. He has a big job which he should take care of,” said Douglas.

The family spokesperson reiterated that Charles was still young and the family will consider his ambitions in future.

Charles had earlier been endorsed by another set of elders to vie for the gubernatorial seat at a ceremony held at his Olpisiyai home.

In the recent past, the PS has been traversing the county and wooing people to vote for him as their governor owing to his past development record.

Charles, formerly the Director of Ewaso Nyiro South Development Authority (ENSDA) has initiated numerous development projects among them water boreholes and dams besides upgrading the local livestock breeds.

It now remains to be seen whether the two will battle it to the ballot box or they will sit down and agree on whom to support in a bid to consolidate their supporters’ votes.

Others who have shown interest in the top most seat in the county include Labour Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Patrick Ntutu.

by Ann Salaton

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