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Supervisors need working tools too

Supervisors under the National Health Programme need to be supplied with all working tools including protective gear, just like the youth.

Talking  to KNA early  on Tuesday two supervisors from Kikuyu sub-county in Kiambu County appreciated the Government for offering young people an opportunity to engage in the National Hygiene programme, dubbed as Kazi Mtaani but lamented that the supervisors were left out in provision of working tools.

Nelson Ngotho Mwaura, the supervisor for Shauri yako blocks B in Kikuyu sub-county asked the government to issue all the working tools including boots to both the youth and their supervisors.

He explained that most of the cleaning work they were required to do is in clogged and dumpy areas and they need protective areas for comfortable access.

“We are supposed to show these youth by example. If they need to unclog drainage or clear a bush, the supervisor has to show them how to do it. We cannot show by pointing with your finger. This means we have to get down to the location and literally work with the youth and therefore we are required to have to have our set of tools and boots just like those issued to the young people,” explained Ngotho.

Christopher Karanja Waithaka the supervisor of Musa Gitau cluster in Kikuyu sub-county had similar concerns.

“If anything is given to the workers, it should similarly be given to their supervisors as they were in the forefront of pointing to the young people on where to clean,” said Karanja.

Waithaka further observed that since most of the supervisors were elderly people who sacrificed their time and energy to ensure the programme was a success, they should be appreciated.

“The government should consider facilitating us more through airtime as we spend most of the money communicating with the youth as they worked during the day,” he said.

“This airtime is not reimbursed and we feel, we should not be on the same rate with the young people who are paid 600 per day, from Monday to Friday. The government should upscale the token given to the supervisors so as to encourage them to continue working with the youth and offering wise counsel”

He told KNA that most of the young people who were engaged in the programme since April were required to come with their tools when they reported on duty but some did not have proper ones and the supervisors were compelled to assist.

The supervisor added that some of the young people had no experience in the work being done hence the need to show them by example.

Jane Mumbi one of the young people in Musa Gitau cluster thanked the government for coming up with the program which she said had cushioned the youth as Covid-19 continues to take a toll on the country’s economy.

She further appealed to the government to continue engaging them in respective areas as their input had brought a huge change in the environment and that residents were happy.

The young people are engaged in clearing the bushes, unclogging drainage, digging pit latrines and clearing garbage in the informal settlements where many people of low income wages reside. The Programme which was begun by President Uhuru Kenyatta in April 2020 is still in its first phase. More youth would be recruited in phase 2.

At least 2,300 youths are currently working on the programme in Kiambu County.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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