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Support sports and cultural activities, PS tells local residents

Residents of Busia County have been urged to support both sports and cultural activities at the local level.
Speaking during Bunyala North Sports and Culture Expo at Budalangi High School on Friday, Principal Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage Jospheta Mukobe said the country’s future relies on local talents and creative arts.
“White collar jobs are no longer easy to come by,” she said adding that there was need to support the activities of local artists and sportsmen.
Mukobe said that the Ministry recognises cultural diversity and was committed to developing culture, sports and heritage.
“Kenya has many different cultures and the fact that you do not belong to my community does not mean I cannot work with you,” she said.
She at the same time urged Kenyans to love their country despite the few challenges they are facing.
“No country is free from challenges,” she said noting that Kenya must look for amicable ways of solving her problems.
The official further appreciated the elders efforts adding that they were the channel through which culture are passed from one generation to another.
“We appreciate the elderly people but I want to urge them to ensure that what they pass to the young generation are not retrogressive,” she said.
Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi urged the Sports and Culture Ministry together with the National Museums to avail more funds to the county so that it can map all its cultural sites.
Mulomi pointed out that boat racing and wrestling being practiced within the county can become a very good tourist attraction.
“As a government, we will endeavor to allocate funds to the department of Sports and culture and encourage MCAs to do the same,” he said.
The Deputy Governor underscored the importance of sports adding that a number of renowned sportsmen came from Busia.
Director General of the National Museums Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia said there was need to make the event an annual one so that it can attract international tourists.
“I urge the organisers of this event to make it a yearly occasion so that Kenyans from other communities can come and celebrate it every Easter holiday,” he said.

By Salome Alwanda

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