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Suspect who “killed for love” faces murder charge

A suspect who killed in the name of love will be charged with murder.

            Susan Gakii was arraigned before Chuka Chief Magistrate John Njoroge but the prosecution asked the court for three days to complete investigations. The suspect is alleged to have stabbed to death her lover, Martin Kahiga, after he refused to spend the night in her house.

            Gakii is alleged to have driven a kitchen knife on the right side of the victim’s chest and thereafter attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach at Polepole market, Maara Sub-county on February 7, 2021.

            The prosecutor informed the court that the suspect was admitted at Chogoria hospital where she was undergoing treatment. He requested that the suspect be taken to custody until the investigations are done.

            The Chief Magistrate ruled that the suspect be kept in custody at Chogoria police station for three days and a mental assessment done.

            The magistrate further directed that the suspect be allocated an advocate on a pro bono basis when she appears in the High Court on February, 22, 2021 to face murder charges.

by David Mutwiri

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