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A  lobby group in Nakuru town has advised wananchi to be prepared to take personal responsibility for their health in case the curfew and cessation of movement from Nairobi was lifted by the government.

The  Group’s Chairman, Jesse Karanja said once the curfew was lifted, it would not be business as usual since every person must change their behaviour for their own health and survival.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press conference in the town, Karanja commended the government for the steps they have taken to curb the spread of the diseases.

However, he said no government has the capacity to police each and every individual.

He urged families to hold meetings and educate their children and relatives on the importance of responsible behaviour, continued hand-washing, physical distancing and wearing of masks for their own health.

“The way l have understood this covid-19 epidemic is that personal behaviours and adherence to guidelines has the capacity of preventing the virus from infecting people in a certain locality,’’ he said.

He added that time was now ripe for the removal of partial lock down and re-opening of the economy since the majority of the people have appreciated the seriousness of the disease.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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