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Talents audition kicks off in Kwale

The Department of Social Services and Talent Management in Kwale County has launched a three-day talent audition.

The auditions dubbed ‘Kwale got talents’ is a talent drive by the county government to identify and support youth to develop their talents.

The three-day talent audition will bring together over 2,000 youth with talents in singing, dancing, comedy, poetry, modeling among other talents.

The talent audition is a strategy to support unemployed youth and tame them from drugs and substance abuse and violent extremism.

Addressing the press during the opening ceremony of the talent auditions in Matuga Sub- County, County Executive for Social Services and Talent Management Ramadhan Bungale said the auditions are to help the majority of the youth earn a living from their talents.

Bungale added that talents were transformative and youth should strive to develop and nature their talents.

“We have seen people are earning good money because of their talents. Think of the greatest footballers in our country. They have changed their lives because of their talents. Work hard and always strive to be the best,” Bungale said.

The event will bring participants from the grassroots level across the four sub-counties of Matuga, Msambweni, Lunga Lunga and Kinango.

The county has been on the records after Kwale-based Assad Football Club maneuvered to play for the National Super League after beating Luanda Villa Football Club in their play-off match.

Assad FC is a football team from Kwale County participating in the Football Kenya Federation Nationwide Division One Zone A league.

The thrilling performance of Assad FC is highly attributed to the force and zeal directed by the county government in supporting the youth. The county has maintained around 27 playgrounds in every sub-county and distributed sporting kits to each team in the county.

Moreover, the county purchased a sports’ bus that could help ferry players as they attend sports events.

Bungale noted that the devolved unit is finalizing equipping the Kwale audio-visual recording studio in Matuga -sub-county. He said once the studio is ready, talented youth would have an avenue to grow their singing and dancing talents.

“We shall be going to the ground to register all musicians in this county. The dream of the county government is to ensure every individual in the county is empowered,’’Bungale added.

The first edition of Kwale got talent event is conducted by Cloud Media Entertainment Company.

The events shall be held on separate dates across the four sub counties from November 8 to November 14. In Matuga sub- County, the event will be held on November 8 and 9 in Kombani and Lukore Social Halls before its proceeds to Lunga Lunga sub-county on November 10, Kinango Sub County on November 11 and Msambweni sub county on November 13.

By Raymond Zaka and Hussein Abdullahi

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