Tea Factory Directors Accused of planned Election disruptions

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The sitting directors of tea factories in Embu are reportedly planning to disrupt the forthcoming elections of new directors of tea factories.

While presenting their nomination papers, the contestants accused the sitting directors of planning to mobilize tea farmers to disrupt the elections which are scheduled for coming Saturday 10th April.

John Kathangu a tea farmer from Runyenjes said that the directors manning the factories are opposed to the new tea regulations brought by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya.

Kathangu said that nothing should stop the forthcoming election of the new directors because the process is within the law and should go on as planned.

Solesio Kamau, Chairman, Election Committee said all the systems for conducting elections are already in place for Saturday’s elections.

Kamau who was speaking during the process of vetting the contestants said the new rules of electing the new directors disqualify the sitting directors as they failed to support the government during making of law to improve the welfare of tea farmers.

The chairman also revealed that one of the qualifications of contending for the positions is that one must have had at least 2,000 kilograms of tea leaves within the year 2019 -2020 and must be relating well with the local community.

Moses Njagi one of the contestants expressed his confidence of clinching the seat noting that he will be able to help his fellow farmers and save them from jaws of poverty.

Njagi said the tea reforms are good because farmers have for long time suffered a lot due to poor payment caused by cartels in the tea sector.

The current directors have been opposing the elections citing that they are not in line with tea regulations and therefore are illegal.

The tea farmers in the county have called for enhanced security during the election of new directors.

By Kimani Tirus

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