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Teacher transforming lives of the less privileged in Kuria

A man in Kuria East Sub County-Migori is touching the lives of local natives by building houses for the less privileged in society.

Cosmas Murimi, a local high school teacher said that he decided to start the initiative to help the less fortunate in society.

Murimi has so far built more than 10 houses mostly semi-permanent in Kuria East and West Sub Counties to uplift the standards of the local community.

Murimi, who lived the same life, in a dilapidated structure, while he was young, said that his parents could not afford to put up a simple iron sheet house, something that motivated him to work hard in school.

“My family used to live in a grass-thatched muddy hut that always leaked whenever it rained, forcing my mother to shift us to one of the house corners to evade night cold, said Murimi.

The childhood experience of growing up without a decent shelter is what motivates Murimi to provide a dignified shelter to the poor in his local community.

He added that there are a lot of local people in the Kuria region who live in abject poverty and the most vulnerable are the windows, the elderly, and the children.

Murimi is calling upon well-wishers to help the poor in society have decent shelters for the sake of the children, the vulnerable, and the disabled in society.

“A high school salary is not much but the little I get I try to help my community especially those that are living in a deplorable state. If I assist one family, I have assisted a whole generation from that family and I take pride in that,” noted Murimi.

Jomas Mwaithera, the beneficiary of one of the projects at Boherara Village in Suna East Sub County thanked the sponsor for giving him hope of having dignified shelter for his family.

Mwaithera who is recovering from Tuberculosis (TB) said that as a sick man, he could not afford to build a nice shelter for his family, urging those who can help the poor to do so to give them hope to live.

He thanked the sponsor for giving her family hope of having a new roof over their heads saying that his children will now fully concentrate on their education while he embarks on his agricultural chores without worrying about the status of the family house.
By Geoffrey Makokha


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