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Teachers union urges its members to support new scheme

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has urged its members to support the implementation of the Public Service Superannuation Scheme for civil servants, teachers and disciplined services.
Speaking at Maasai Girls in Narok North Sub County during a teacher’s sensitization forum, KNUT National Treasurer Mr. John Matiangi said the new scheme was good for the teachers, as they would go home with huge benefits when they got out of the service.
He noted that the employer would contribute 15 percent of the employee’s basic salary while the employee would contribute 7.5 percent of their basic salary towards the pension scheme.
The new scheme set to be implemented from January 2021 will benefit employees below 45 years but those above the age could be accommodated in the scheme if they opted to.
“The teachers will go home smiling because unlike the old pension where once terminated from the service you lose all your benefits, in this case, when one opts to leave the service or is interdicted, he or she can still go home with the contributions they will have saved,” said Matiangi.
He said the rate of contribution would be graduated at two per cent in the first year, five per cent in the second year and 7.5 per cent in the third year after which employees would have the option to make additional voluntary contributions above the mandatory 7.5 per cent of the basic salary.
“This scheme is good for the teachers and all civil servants because they can access their money even before they retire as they will have their personal accounts for the kit,” he added.
Unlike the old scheme where the benefits were not portable, Matiangi encouraged teachers that the new scheme is portable as one could migrate with his or her shares when he or she chooses to leave the country.
The new scheme covers civil servants, teachers under the Teachers Service Commission and disciplined services.
At the same time, the KNUT official lauded the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Teachers Service Commission saying it was the best for the 21st century learners as they were equipped with skills at a tender age.
He called on teachers to observe Covid-19 regulations when schools open in January to combat the spread of Covid-19 among the learners.

By Ann Salaton

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