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Teenage girls miss death by a whisker

Two teenage girls yesterday missed death by a whisker after a motorist lost control at Ngegu along the Boma road and rammed into a nursery school compound.

The two sisters who were identified as Shaleen Muthoni (17)  and Alice Wanja (15) were walking along the road when they suddenly saw the motor vehicle registration number KBK 014S speeding towards them.

A sister of the duo Maureen Nyakio told KNA at the scene that they were seated outside their house when they heard a loud bang which was followed by screams from the two girls and she immediately stopped what she was doing and ran towards the direction where they had gone.

“That was when I saw this car which had ramped into the iron sheets fence of this school and the driver was trying to drive it out of the compound as other people continued to scream. The 17 year old is in form 3 while the 15 year old is in form 1,” said Nyakio.

As the crowd began to mill around the accident scene, friends of the motorist had arrived and were assisting him to drive it from the scene before police were called in. Some were already intoxicated and promised to help him repair the damage that had been caused at the scene. “Hii ni kitu kidogo madam tutatengeneza juu hakuna mtu ameumia hapa” said one of the friends

Also at the scene was the owner of the motor vehicle Mr. George Kiramba who rushed after he was told that his employee had been involved in an accident. He said he was shocked at the unfolding events and could not understand what was happening

The driver who appeared confused after the accident told KNA that he rammed into the compound accidentally and that, as he attempted to get out, he instead reversed the vehicle and hit the wall of the nursery school slightly damaging it. The structure is about 500 meters from the fence.

It took 30 minutes and the team of about six men managed to force the motor vehicle out of the compound, damaging it in the process before police arrived at the scene.

The owner of the vehicle was given the mobile number of the facility which was initially used as a nursery school and said he would call him and pay for the repair works.


By Lydia Shiloya

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