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Teenager Injured in Crocodile Attack 

A 14-year-old boy at Kivuleni village, Lunga -Lunga Sub-county in Kwale is nursing serious injuries after he was viciously attacked by a crocodile.

The minor identified as Ramdhan Hamadi, was attacked as he was trying to cross a flooded river Ramisi whose bridge has been swept by floods.

“The Mwachande bridge was destroyed by raging floods so we decided to swim across with my friends and it was when I was attacked by a huge crocodile,” said the boy in an interview with journalists.

Hamadi said the reptile which was hiding at point where he could not be spotted pounced on him grabbing his right leg and removed a huge chunk of flesh.

The helpless class four pupil said he tried to ward off the crocodile with his bare hands but it also bite his right arm.

He said the reptile took him down two times before he was rescued by his friends who pelted the crocodile with stones.

Hamadi said he felt an agonising pain leaving him half unconscious.

His distraught father Hamadi Ali, said he took his son to Kikoneni Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

The matter was reported to Lunga-Lunga Police Station.

Residents now want responsible authorities to take immediate action as crocodile attacks were becoming too common in the area.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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