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Kisumu Deputy Governor Tenancy terminated

The  Kisumu Deputy Governor (DG), Dr. Mathews Owili has been issued with an eviction order by proprietors of the flats Vauxhall Holdings Company Ltd over 14 months’ rent arrears totaling Sh.1.4 million.

Vauxhall which is owned by United Millers had earlier on issued an eviction order of up to September 30, 2019 to Dr. Owili with a clear indication that the company would review terms of renewing the contract.

The company yesterday released a notice dated July 25, 2019 and addressed to Kisumu County Secretary headed: Notice of Termination of Tenancy Agreement of Deputy Governor rented House at United Oasis.

The letter said: “we refer to our above captioned tenancy agreement expiring on September, 30, 2019 as per our record. We refer to the clause 3.1(b) of the Agreement and hereby give notice of two calendar months and inform you in advance that as Landlord it is unable to renew our agreement for any further period upon expiry of the above mentioned tenancy agreement,” it explained.

The letter added that this has been occasioned by the consistent default in remitting rent and utility payments in time which has now accumulated to Kshs.1,436,890.10 as per summary given below and statement account attached.

The letter added that the same house was previously occupied by the former governor Jack Ranguma.

“Despite our several invitees and follow-ups regarding old pending Bills of Sh. 3,233,250.20 statement attached for the previous rented Governor’s House in the same compound has not been settled to date which you feel least obligated to settle it due to previous government outstanding Bill while you are on the same track and have not made any difference in terms of meeting primary tenancy obligation towards Deputy Governor’s rented House,” they stated.

This translates to a total of Sh.4,670,140.30 which has finally left the company with no other option but to stop further engagements. It was signed by the United Millers Ltd Directors; K. N. Shah and P. K. Shah on behalf of the entire company.

Earlier on, the DG was reported to have had sleepless nights and got shocked on learning that the County Government through the County Executive Committee (CEC) for Finance, Nerry  Achar has not been remitting rent for the posh apartment located in the up market Milimani area of the lake side town.

Sources said that the failure to clear the rent arrears for the DG was part of a wider scheme at their county offices located at Nyanza Regional Headquarters and was allegedly aimed at embarrassing Dr. Owili.

It further revealed that the DG’s efforts to have the Finance department clear the arrears fell on deaf ears with the top officers taking him in circles thus causing the confusion as to who was to bear the blame.

“On Thursday night when Governor Prof. Nyong’o was meeting the visiting Ambassadors at Royal Swiss Hotel, Dr. Owili reportedly seized the opportunity to communicate his displeasure over the manner in which he has been handled casually,” he stated.

The  DG is said to have accosted Achar in front of Prof. Nyong’o questioning why he was being frustrated to a point his belongings were on the verge of being thrown out of the house over the rent arrears.

Governor  Nyong’o was dumbfounded at the turn of events, claiming that he was not aware of the weighty matter and casually told Achar to ensure the matter is handled amicably before it brews unnecessary controversy.

This comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s declaration by Members of the Kisumu County Assembly (MCA’s) that Achar set for impeachment even though he had moved swiftly to obtain a court order against the planned impeachment over allegations of incompetence.

Achar  told KNA that everything was being done to clear the rent arrears but this was long before the Directors of United Millers delivered the bombshell in which they severed any further tenancy agreement with Kisumu County Government.

By  Joseph  Ouma

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