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Teso residents demand dykes to control frequent floods

Residents in the flood-prone sub locations of Akiriamasit in Teso North and Akiriamas in Teso South, now want the

government to erect dykes along River Malakisi to curb perpetual flooding.

They  made the appeal on Sunday during a relief food distributionexercise led by Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS), Eugene  Wamalwa and Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong at Amoni and Akiriamas Primary Schools in Teso North and South Sub counties respectively.

Akiriamas  residents who were largely affected, led by Felix Omuse and Carren Elizabeth said they were tired of getting relief food every year hence the government should come up with a permanent solution.

“The most  affected  villages which include, Akiriamas, Odiria, Parater and Amoni are very fertile and are capable of

producing  a  lot  of  food  if  the floods are contained. This  will save us from the agony of relying on relief food,” Omuse said.

Elizabeth said women are the most affected and pleaded with the county and national governments to introduce a school feeding program for the area pupils as the schools open.

“All our crops have been washed away. We have nothing to eat and some houses are now condemned following last week’s floods. This food we are getting today cannot last for more than two days.

“As residents we are appealing to the government to erect dykes to control the flow of River Malakisi and we shall be able to farm and live without relying on relief food,” she said.

Wamalwa and Ojaamong  agreed with the flood victims, saying time to construct dykes along the banks of River Malakisi  was long overdue.

“A permanent solution will be to construct dykes to control the riverflow and prevent flooding.

By  Melechezedeck  Ejakait

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