Teso residents storm ‘pyramid scheme’ offices

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Residents of  Teso North Sub County are up in arms against an organization that has been extorting money from them for months now under the disguise of tripling it in return.

The  residents, mostly drawn from Malaba Central, Malaba South and Malaba North Wards  on Saturday stormed Pazuri Pamoja Unique offices in Malaba town demanding back their money.

They  claimed the organization’s managers have been demanding deposits ranging from Shs.1, 500 to Shs.50, 000 after which they will receive

three times the deposits within a week’s time.

A victim, Cleophas Omukaga revealed to the press that he deposited Shs.2, 000 to get Shs.7, 000 in a week’s time but he has not received the anticipated money more than a month later.

“I am totally disappointed. We will camp here until they give us a clear answer. I have been tossed around for more than one month now and every time I come to pick my cheque the manager tells me Madam Director is out of the country and we should wait,” he stated.

Imelda  Shiundi  who made a deposit of Shs.13, 000 after meeting the organization’s agent on August 23 revealed she  was expecting back Shs.50, 000 which she is yet to receive.

“I have been coming here for the last three weeks. The only excuse they give is the director is out of the country and she is the one to sign our cheques. This is so disheartening because the money I deposited was meant for my children’s school fees,” she regretted.

The  complainants threatened to burn the company’s offices should the management further delay to give them back what they “invested” saying they are no longer interested in the promised profits.

It  took  the intervention of the Teso North Sub County Police Commander, Wilson  Muraya and area Assistant County Commissioner, Wilson  Chacha to calm down the angry residents who were baying for the blood of the managers.

Muraya  told the protestors that he had taken up the issue promising to ensure an amicable solution is found within the next one week.

He  said they have already planned a meeting between the organization’s management and those who deposited their money next week.

By  Melechezedeck  Ejakait

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