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Tharaka Nithi Bodaboda Chairman Warns Students Against Riding

Tharaka Nithi boda boda chairman, Willis Mugambi has warned students against boda boda riding in the county. According to the chairman, most students are reckless riders who go against the bodaboda slogan of safety.

Speaking at Chuka Town, he urged parents to be on the look out to prevent the students from engaging in abandon riding. Furthermore, this will help avoid numerous complaints from the police adding he will be keen to ensure bodaboda cyclists are well disciplined. He called upon the chairmen of boda boda stages in Tharaka Nithi to observe the same.

He said they are ready to team up as riders to come up with different solutions that will grow them and also benefit their customers.

Mugambi confirmed they are in the process of coming up with a delivery program through a Sacco. Each bodaboda rider will be required to contribute 20 shillings every day. This will ensure expansion of offices, better service delivery and eventually, opening up a petrol station.

The rise in fuel prices has really caused a huge loss to the riders in Tharaka Nithi. They have experienced less profits and loss of their customers as transport costs rise. This comes after the adverse effects of covid-19 which had forced them to lower the prices.

The chairman urged bikers to observe the Covid-19 guidelines as this will ensure safety among them and their customers.

He further urged the county government to listen to their views and requested for their support. He assured, they are ready to work hand in hand with the government.

By Sharon Gitau and Jackline Mwende

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