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Tree planting to Solve Perennial Water Shortage in Kericho

There is a need to increase tree planting in the depleted West Mau forest and other conservation measures to ensure continued supply of tap water for Kericho Town’s growing population.

Kericho town and County has in the past few months experienced unusual low water flow in its rivers and taps owing to changing climatic conditions related to human activities that has negatively affected rain patterns.

Speaking to Kenya News Agency at his office on Monday, Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Managing Director Engineer Erick Siele said the County’s water catchment area is from the Mau Forest, which has not received substantial amounts of rainfall for a while leading to reduction in recharge to abstraction water intake point meant to supply water to the town.

Siele who spoke to mark this year’s World Water Day urged area residents to be patient to the ongoing rationing of water which he hopes to end soon following the onset of long April rains.

“Kericho Water Company usually supplies 13 million litres of water to over 35,000 residents per day. The KIMUGU water project which is expected to be fully operational by mid this year will curb the perennial water shortage in the county,” said Siele.

He also mentioned that despite the challenges of the Covid- 19 pandemic, area residents have been provided with strategic water points in County to enable them to observe Ministry of Health’s protocols by frequently washing hands as they perform their activities.

By Dominic Cheres and Kibe Mburu

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