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The unexploited tourist sites in Meru

Meru County has got many tourist attraction sites, including the famous Meru National park, the sacred Lake of Nkunga and Iriene Waterfall.

At  the same time, just 4 kilometres from Meru town using Mwendantu-Kithaku road, at Gituiki area, two waterfalls from Kathita River are found.

The first waterfall has a small volume of water while the second one is a major attraction site for those visiting the location for the first time.

The area offers a serene environment both for local and foreign tourists out to relax away from all hustles and bustles of Meru town.

The water falls are surrounded by indigenous trees such as Muringa and Meru Oak trees offering a unique atmosphere for tourists to unwind.

A KNA spot-check in the area, found some foreign tourists and locals visiting the beautiful scenery.

Those visiting the site have all the time to take selfies and also photos as they enjoy the beauty of the mother amid big indigenous trees with very fresh air.

One of the visitors, Jane Kimani said that she had traveled from Murang’a County to visit a friend in Meru and after hearing about the beautiful scenery, she decided to pay a visit and sample the natural beauty in the region.

Kimani said the waterfalls are unique in that they are few metres from each other, both sourced from river Kathita, offering tourists a unique opportunity to enjoy nature.

“Those who enjoy swimming and diving can refresh themselves with the chilling waters that flow from the waterfalls, she said.

A resident, John Rutere said the waterfalls attract people from different regions, adding that some churches come for there for prayers and retreats .

Rutere emphasized the need to conserve the environment by planting trees to avert drying up of River Kathita.

He added that if the water falls are protected the county government could earn handsome revenue.

There is also need for the both the County and national government to come up with good roads to the two destinations, as currently people have to cruise through a thicket to access this beautiful scenery.

Some of the few people who visit the area cry are also concerned with their security because the locality is not secured.

The County Executive for Environment, Caroline Mutiga noted Meru County is endowed with many tourist sites.

“Meru is the only county that has wildlife such elephants in the heart of the town,” she said.

She pointed out that the devolved unit generates a lot of revenue from tourism, hence the need to protect the environment.

We have been mobilizing residents to plant trees especially during the rainy seasons so as to raise the forest cover from 18 percent to 40 percent in the next  20years, added Mutiga.

She said the county had also prioritized eco-tourism as one of the areas to promote environmental protection, while calling on area residents to support the initiative through planting of more trees.

“We are in process of ensuring that roads leading to tourist sites are improved to ease access to both local and foreign tourists and at the same beef up security at the localities,” added the county executive.

By  Muguongo  Judy

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