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KCSE candidate’s mysterious death

A  journey that started as a mere craving for fun ended tragically for a boy who was only a few days away from sitting his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations this year.

The  student allegedly left home last weekend in the company of four of his friends for a night of fun at the nearby entertainment spots.

The Kisumu County Police Commander (CPC), Benson Maweu said the St. Mark Obamba student  was later spotted while attempting to snatch a phone at a club in Kisumu and arrested, taken to Central Police Station but later collapsed. He was taken to Kisumu sub-county hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, according to the police.

However, he boy’s parents have given a contrasting chronicle of events surrounding the demise of their son that fateful night.

While  the Police and parents agree that the boy left home on the evening of the eventful Saturday and was later spotted at Janam Club, similarity in their accounts differs from this point.

The  parents claim that they first started becoming suspicious about the fate of their son after their initial inquiry landed them at Janam Club, where they were first informed of his arrest.

This  was to their utter disbelief as the boy had never touched someone’s property according to the parents.

Their  next stop was at the police, where they denied the reports of receiving such a case, only for police to later recant their story after much pressure to inform the parents that their son arrived at the station badly beaten and died on the way to the hospital.

The shaken parents rushed to Kisumu sub-county mortuary where they found their son’s body.

But something was amiss, the clothes their son was putting on were well washed and cleaned, leaving them with more questions than answers.

The boy did complain of any pain and had no physical injuries, according to the CPC.

Maweu  said further investigations are ongoing to establish the cause of death.

By  Oyugi Lorna/ Melody Atieno

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