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Administrative office and police quarters commissioned

Efforts to curb the prevalent cases of insecurity and petty crime in Murang’a South Sub-county have received a major boost after the Assistant County Commissioner’s (ACC) Office and police houses were commissioned, Friday, at Thangira, Kimorori division.

Speaking during the commissioning, Maragua Member of Parliament (MP), Mary Wamaua, observed that having the ACC office in the area, will beef-up security and enhance service delivery to mwananchi.

“Cases of insecurity, lawlessness and petty crime have been on the rise in this area tormenting hardworking residents for many years, but with this office, security is now guaranteed as we will even have police offices housed here,” she said.

The MP underscored the need for residents to work with the Administration and the area Assistant County Commissioner, by providing intelligent information to end crime and drug trading in the area, promising the information and the source will be held in confidence.

The DCC signing the visitors’ book at the new ACC office. Looking on is Kimorori ACC Julius Kambi and Maragua MP Wamaua. Photo by Florence Kinyua

Wamaua also compelled the young men in the area to stop indulging in drug and substance abuse, as the two go hand in hand with crime and if they are caught the law will take its course.

At the same time, Murang’a South Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Gitonga Murungi, implored on the residents to speak-up and support the Administration in ending crime in the area.

“It is unacceptable that some people, living amongst you even vandalized equipment in this compound, yet we can see that this area is laden with well-meaning hardworking Kenyans who have invested heavily, thus increasing the value of land around here,” he said.

“Help us identify the people that are involved in crime here so that we can deal with it appropriately and together with the security agencies we will arrest them and have them arraigned in a court of law without clemency,” stated Murungi

“The children need to walk to school in a safe environment that is why the ACC will operate from this compound starting today and we will also station police officers here,” he further added

The residents, one after the other expressed their joy at having the ACC’s office in the area as it will assist to fight the prevalent crime and allow them peaceful nights henceforth.

“We no longer keep chicken or even goats for fear of theft in the wee hours, but now we have been assured of security and things will change,” said Margaret Wanjiru, amidst ululations from the excited Kimorori residents.

Kimorori Division under the Administration of ACC, Julius Kambi, has four locations namely Sabasaba, Kimorori, Wempa and Kangaangu locations

Kambi, assured the residents of his commitment to end insecurity and drug trade in the area.

“People are working hard to earn a daily livelihood and develop their premises, I will not allow a few miscreants to feed on peoples sweat and deny them a peaceful thriving environment, it will have to end” he warned

The renovation of the ACC’s office and construction of the police houses was fully funded by the NG-CDF Maragua Constituency.

By Florence Kinyua

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