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Thief’s efforts thwarted

Thieves  spent  time digging a hole to access a safe in a shop on line moja in Kitale town only to find sh. 2,000 coins in the safe.

Police  who  arrived  at the Chase Drappers shop on Wednesday morning confirmed that the owner of the shop had only left coins in the shop that sells uniforms.

Expecting to make away with a fortune from the shop which deals in school uniforms, the thieves cursed the day when they found the safe empty with only few coins.

The  Trans Nzoia West OCPD, Joseph  Tum  while speaking to the press in Kitale however, said that police are investigating the incident in the shop that had a hole dug to the shop on Tuesday night.

“The thieves hoped to reap from where they didn’t sow. They thought there was a lot of money in the safe but this was not the case, there was only few coins,” said the Trans Nzoia West OCPD.

According to Tum, investigations had been launched to seize those responsible for the theft at the shop, adding that vital data has been collected at the scene.

“We are investigating whether it was an inside job. Detectives have visited the scene of crime and collected finger prints samples,” added Tum.

According  to the OCPD, the thieves gained access to the shop without the knowledge of the watchman who was on duty.

The  owner of the shop refused to speak to journalists, saying that it was no big deal since only few coins had been stolen and that the matter is under investigation.

Few  months ago near the same shop there was robbery where unknown individuals armed with pistols made away with Sh.2 million, money  from Jaralam Retail shop that was being deposited at a bank.

Police say that investigation is ongoing to nab criminal individuals targeting shops owned by members of the Asian community in Kitale town.

By  Pauline  Ikanda

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