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Thika law courts get high court judge

The judiciary has posted a new judge to Thika law courts, bringing relief to litigants and other court users who have hitherto had to take their cases for appeal to Kiambu.

Justice Florence Muchemi, whose posting follows calls to bring justice closer to the people, will be operating from the newly established law court building in Thika.

Addressing journalists after taking over the office, Muchemi said the 535 cases originating from Thika which were being referred to Kiambu will now be heard from her court.

“We have started working and can assure the members of the public that we now have a functional high court,” she said.

The Judge further acknowledged the success of the e-filing system, saying 539 cases have already been filed electronically, emphasising the high up take of a paperless judiciary as the e-portal in Thika continues to prove effective.

She touted the judiciary’s transition to virtual proceedings, making it convenient for the public to participate in mentions without the need for physical court appearances.

“The judiciary has gone virtual to a big extent in that when we’re conducting mentions, we do it virtually, which is convenient for the public who don’t have to travel to sit in court for their cases to be heard,” she added.

The Lady Justice added that while mentions and applications were being heard online, open court cases requiring witness testimonies were still available.

She, however, expressed the need for additional space to manage documents and files, requesting the judiciary’s support in this regard, as they aimed to serve the public effectively.

Thika Court serves Gatundu, Thika, and Ruiru Sub-Counties.

By Preston Rukwaro and Muoki Charles

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