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KAM’s Changamka Shopping Festival kicks off

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) inaugurated the sixth Changamka Festival, a manufacturing summit expo aimed at bolstering the promotion of locally produced goods and advancing industrialization in Kenya.

The event showcased products from twenty microenterprises, highlighting the potential for business growth and economic development.

As the government intensifies efforts to encourage the adoption of domestically manufactured goods, statistics from the Kenya Bureau of Statistics reveal that the manufacturing sector employs a substantial 352,000 individuals, making it the second-largest employer after the private sector.

Principal Secretary (PS) State Department for Industry, Dr. Juma Mukhwana, emphasised the expo’s role in spotlighting high-quality products tailored for both the local and global markets.

“Some of the products showcased here are top-quality exports to the USA, Europe, Africa, and other markets. These are world-class products made for Kenyans,” Dr. Mukhwana stated.

KAM Chairman, Mr. Rajan Shah, commended local industries for their ongoing innovation and provision of high-quality products on the global stage. He stressed the importance of adding value to locally produced goods to drive socio-economic transformation.

“The Changamka Festival provides consumers with opportunities to support local manufacturers and celebrate the diversity of our manufacturing sector,” Shah added.

He emphasised the need to challenge the perception that local goods are of lower quality and reduce dependence on imports.

Mr. Anthony Mwangi, KAM’s Chief Executive, underscored the pivotal role of local manufacturing in Kenya’s economy, emphasising its positive impact on various economic facets.

He urged Kenyan shoppers to explore the wide array of quality products available and dispel misconceptions about their quality and affordability.

The Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja, highlighted Nairobi’s significance as the economic hub of Kenya, hosting numerous national organisations and a pool of highly skilled and innovative individuals. He emphasised the need for continuous skill development to ensure high-value work and commensurate rewards.

The sixth edition of the Changamka Kenya Shopping Festival is poised to redefine perceptions of locally made products, positioning them as authentic, high-quality options for consumers.

The festival serves as a testament to the potential of Kenya’s manufacturing sector, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic vitality and global competitiveness.

By Carol Mawia and Damaris Munyao

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