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Bhang worth millions nabbed in church

Police officers nabbed 26 bags of bhang in a church in Ongata Rongai on Tuesday, following a tip-off by members of the public.

Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner James Taari said that the church activities were revealed after angry residents followed a trail of stolen sheep, which were then found, with suspects found slaughtering the animals.

According to Taari, a confrontation erupted between members of the public and a section of the congregation, with the former overpowering the latter. The police then intervened and came to the rescue of the congregants.

The DCC noted that the police found bhang worth millions of shillings, adding that several electronic gadgets suspected of having been stolen were also found in the church.

“Residents suspect the slaughtering of the sheep was to celebrate their supposed achievement of having bhang,” said Taari, adding that he suspects that members of the church are bhang users, noting that they are considering arresting all of them for proper investigations.

The DCC thanked members of the public for the crucial tip-off of the illegal substances, saying they would be taken to the station while awaiting the court’s decision on the next possible action.

He warned the surrounding churches against such activities and that the government would be on their trail to ensure all culprits were brought to justice.

By Alice Gworo

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